Unique features of netree for spa and salon

Generate service slips for optimizing service operations.

Handle multiple customers at a time and keep track of the proceedings.

Monitor employee performance by tracking activities of each employee.

Make deals and packages for increasing footfall of customers

Take advance booking and schedule clients.

Design discount and loyalty coupons for marketing your outlets.

Collect digital payments from customers

Use your Netree wallet to pay internally and externally

Ideal for

  • Franchise Owned

    Optimize in store operations, get daily, annual and monthly reports from every store, track sales, inventory, and customers of all your stores and reach out to customers using our unique marketing feature.

  • Small and Medium sized outlet

    Make attractive deals and packages,manage advance booking from customers,generate loyalty coupons, give digital bills to the customers and market your store using our simplified marketing feature.

  • Complementary care outlets

    Generate service slips, make support groups, book appointments,generate loyalty coupons,offer deals and packages and market your outlet using our marketing platform.

  • Beauty treatment outlets

    Digitally handle multiple customers at a time, monitor work done by each employee,book appointments, make attractive deals and packages and market your store using our unique marketing feature.

  • Ayurvedic Spa and Massage outlets

    Enhance customer experience by digitizing operations and reducing turn-around time, take advance booking, generate service slips,monitor employee productivity by tracking their work,generate loyalty coupons and market attractive deals and packages through our unique marketing feature

  • Hair transplant Outlets

    Book appointments of customers, make support groups for consultation, digitally bill for all treatments and medications, and reach out to the patients using our exclusive marketing features.

  • Natural Treatment Outlets

    Digitally bill for all treatments and medications, manage appointments of customers, generate service slips and market attractive packages and deals using our marketing platform.